Fabric Keder/ Edging Clear Keder

Clear Keder


Our keder and edging partner Roffelsen Plastics is a Dutch, family-owned company that specialises in plastic extrusion with multiple production sites in Slovakia.

Due to the increase of large format printers for both PVC banners and textile frames, the demand for solutions for fixing printed fabrics to aluminium frames has dramatically increased.

Roffelsen Plastics has been the leading supplier of the most widely used flat PVC for making up printed fabrics for over 10 years and they are continuing to extend the product range further. They also produce welded PVC cord for tightening printed truck tarpaulins.

Material: PVC
Dimensions: 14 x 3 mm.
Surface: Smooth
Colour: Transparent  . Other colours are available on request.
Packaging: 200 metres on a roll.

Roffelsen Plastics has a BUSS granulator. They also have their own recycling department, so they not only produce, they can also reuse materials themselves. The addition of various additives, and optimum mixing results in high-quality plastic.

Furthermore, the high quality of the plastics can be found in the recipe. Using fixed ingredients, each specific composition can be reproduced exactly.

Plastic waste is recycled as much as possible. If desired, the materials will be homogenised in the mixing silo, after which, direct processing on the granulate line is possible. Whether or not it is modified re-granulate, it will get an extra life as a new product, which means Roffelsen Plastics sustainably contributes to a better environment.