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Pongs Printable Textiles

A range of Pongs printable textiles, manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards for profitable, productive textile printing on UV, Latex, solvent and water-based ink systems.

Digital printing media, sun protection and acoustic textiles many of which are available up to 5m wide.

Over the last years, Pongs have invested more than 50 million Euros into the Mühltroff production facility.
It puts technical and human resources at our disposal for our customers that are unrivaled in Europe.

Three core values define the way we and Pongs work:

Quality, guaranteed because during full-scale production, Pongs have complete control over each single step of the work process, they do not depend on working under license from third parties.

This allows them to consistently maintain the highest production standards through a complex BDE system, complemented by highly trained professionals and a stringent quality control system that prior to shipping will meticulously inspect and document all merchandise leaving the plant ensuring you get the best possible matierals for reliable printing year after year,

Flexibility, because Pongs cutting-edge machinery and equipment offers multiple options: not only can we  adjust production plans to fast changing situations; Pongs will test new production and fabrication processes in-house—for you. Needless to say, we have ample back-up capacities: even if things may get busy at your end, we are only a phone call away to help.

Expertise, because at the PONGS Group of Companies, we have all levels of expertise available to us: whether it is production, printing, finishing— Pongs professionals know their job inside out—and will make sure that things get done right the first time, on schedule and within budget while the competition is trying to keep up!