Finishing Vertical Cutters FTC Apollo Board Cutter

FTC Apollo Board Cutter


The Apollo is Trimalco's revolutionary vertical cutter. It is manufactured in the UK, offers a high degree of performance and accuracy and costs less than half the price of the competition.

A truly affordable finishing solution for any sign making business, the Apollo is designed to cut cleanly, accurately, without dust and without noise. The Apollo's interchangeable tool cartridges (each cartridge can be changed in less than 10 seconds) mean that you only buy the tools you need.

The Apollo features a full length clamping system, two production stops making repeat cuts for production runs quick and accurate, a laser sight line for all materials, all tools share a common cut line and an integral counterbalance leaves hands free for loading material and causing less operator fatigue.

The Apollo is currently available in:165cm (65"), 210cms (82"), 250cm (98")

Basic machine only, no options and excluding delivery & VAT

A wall mounting bracket is supplied as standard but an optional free standing kit is available

The Apollo comes as standard with the utility blade cartridge, optional cartridges are available for cutting aluminium composites, for 'V' grooving aluminium composites and for scoring acrylics.

The cartridge system means that new tools can be developed for new materials giving the Apollo virtually unlimited scalability.