Finishing Vertical Cutters Keencut Steeltrak

Keencut Steeltrak


Keencut Steeltrak 165cm & 210cm

5 year guarantee
Keencut SteelTraK enables cutting tools to be fitted and removed in seconds from the unique 4-function counterbalanced sliding carriage with a single finger screw
Universal 4 tool cutting head with automatic blade disengagement at the end of cut, we really like this feature. NO more forgetting to lift the blade when you're in a rush and damaging the substrate.

                  SteelTrak Cutter                                    Cutting composites

Accepts standard utility blades

Transparent cutline cursor, precise - no laser shake - no doubt and no wasted panel

SteelTraK V-Groove Cutter enables the folding of Aluminium composite and PVC foamboard. V-Groove Cutter allows smooth, silent cutting without electrical power, debris or burred edges.

SteelTraK V-groove Cutting Tools are available for thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, & 6mm Aluminium Composite and PVC board. The specially designed patented cutter was created by Keencut engineers to remove exactly the correct amount and shape of aluminium and core material from one side of the sheet to allow a smooth strong 90° fold to be made with just hand pressure.

Integral counterbalance - total convenience - no shock - less fatigue - easy loading
Full length extra grip clamping system
100% high tensile aerospace aluminium alloy construction
Heavy duty steel composite twin wheel cutting head. Keencut invention 1983
Precise horizontal & vertical scales (Imperial & Metric)

Wall mounted or free-standing