Photo Unibind Photobook Makers
Photostory Photobook Binding
Atech Ltd are the UK sales and service agents for the complete range of Unibind Photostory photobook binding machines.
Photostory Italo
The all in one compact bookbinding machine with built-in creaser, alignment, oven, press and electrical guillotine. Binds professional digital portraits and landscape books from size 4x6" up to 20"x20" (10x15 cm up to 50x50 cm). Suited to photographic, litho or digital toner printing processes
Photostory Heating Set
A heating system used with manual photobook makers to set the pages using pre glued heat activated Easy Sheets. The heat does not damage photographic emulsion.
Photostory Gilding
The Photostory Gilding machine will allow you to apply a beautiful layer of gold, silver, copper or even a photograph around the outside edges of your custom flush-mount albums.
Professional Photobook Binding
Atech Ltd supply a wide range of photobook binding equipment for the professional photographer. Call now for more information and a demonstration.