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Roland EcoSol Max 2 Inks


User feedback:
"ECO-SOL MAX 2 allows you to print faster as it dries more quickly than ECO-SOL MAX and because of this it is less likely to give mottled results.

The Metallic ink is now more glossy than before and the White ink is denser giving a better opacity. Both the White and Metallic have been improved for speed as well, you can now print 2-3 times faster than previously.

The addition of the Light Black enables precise grey balance and smoother gradients. For me the addition of the Light Black is brilliant, I have always struggled when printing Black and White prints and grayscale images, with hues of other colours, now printing grey is really easy."

"I have gotten very good feedback from customers regarding the new white opacity. Also, the ability to print grayscale tones without any tricks, is unmatched."

If you want visual dramatics, Roland’s Greenguard USA Gold Certified ECO-SOL MAX ink delivers. This remarkable eco-solvent ink technology is designed to enhance the performance of Roland’s VersaSTUDIO, VersaCAMM, VersaART and SOLJET ranges of inkjet printers and printer/cutters.

Powerful and versatile, this ink boasts an incredibly fast drying time, a wide colour gamut and great durability. You can produce high quality banners, posters, labels, stickers, POS displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics that stand the test of time and keep your customers coming back for more.

Ideal for use outdoors or in, this tough, scratch resistant ink can withstand outdoor environments up to 3 years without lamination. Safe to use and easy to handle, these inks are virtually odourless and don’t require any special ventilation equipment.

Durable, reliable and consistent colour from cartridge to cartridge, ECO-SOL MAX is the perfect ink for productive and efficient printing.

  • Available in 8 colours including cyan, magenta, yellow and black, light cyan, light magenta, white and metallic silver
  • Super quick drying time is ideal for highly productive businesses
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor graphic applications
  • Designed to enhance the life of Roland eco-solvent inkjet printer heads
  • Ink running costs are low, keeping your profit margins high
  • Exceptionally wide colour gamut
  • ICC profiles available for ALL leading media manufacturers
  • Powerfully adheres to a broad range of coated and uncoated media
  • Available in white and metallic for businesses demanding the creative edge
  • Rugged scratch resistance for durability and easy handling straight off the printer
  • Durable for up to 3 years outdoor without lamination
  • Virtually odourless and doesn’t require specialist ventilation equipment
  • Available in easy to use 220cc and 440cc cartridges (white and metallic in 220cc only)
Produce durable indoor and outdoor graphics
Designed for prints that stand the test of time, its formulation is durable and tough. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications from signs, banners, labels, decals, vehicle graphics, building wraps, POS displays. ECO-SOL MAX graphics are water and UV resistant up to 3 years outdoors for CMYK graphics, up to 1 year outdoors for White ink and up to 3 years outdoors for Metallic Silver ink.

Rugged scratch resistance
Its scratch resistant nature makes ECO-SOL MAX ideal for the production of outdoor banners and other graphics that require finishing techniques. Image quality is retained throughout the printing and finishing processes including welding, sewing and attaching grommets.
Extend your print heads life
Roland eco-solvent inkjet printers and printer/cutters automatically clean their heads and require no major routine maintenance. ECO-SOL MAX is a proven formula designed specifically to enhance the performance of Roland printers and printer/cutters.
ICC profiles for ALL leading media manufacturers
ECO-SOL MAX performs wonderfully on a range of coated and uncoated media and ICC profiles are available for ALL leading media manufacturers. Roland media profiles accessed through its powerful VersaWorks RIP software make it easy to achieve exceptional print quality across a variety of applications.
Virtually odourless and user friendly ECO-SOL MAX ink is virtually odourless and requires no special ventilation or environmental equipment. ECO-SOL MAX ink cartridges are designed for ‘clean hands’ ease of use, maximum safety and their rectangle shape make for easy storage.