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Roland VersaWorks Dual

While increased RIP processing speed enables users to preview files much faster, a combined PDF/PostScript engine improves functionality as a whole. VersaWorks Dual handles PDF, EPS and PS files natively, without any transparency or other effects rendering issues that previously required users to edit effects in design software.

Transparency, drop shadows, blur effects and other graphic effects are processed and printed natively with VersaWorks Dual. A PDF/PostScript core engine renders all effects the way they’re intended to look in the design.

VersaWorks Dual was made for easy print production, featuring a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly add jobs to the print queue directly from folders on your PC. User-friendly icons open printer settings, job previews and other functions for fast, efficient file set-up.

Manage and maximise your print production with unlimited queue settings. With save and store options to capture specific print settings, VersaWorks Dual helps busy, high-volume print shops plan and organise print production in advance by utilising these preset settings.

A predictive ink calculator estimates the amount of ink needed for each job, enabling unattended printing. When there is not enough ink to complete a print job, VersaWorks Dual notifies the operator before printing.

Variable Data Printing is an extremely useful feature that allows users to merge txt or csv data fields into predefined design fields. Print labels, name badges, plaques, menus and other prints in which text and/or graphics change from one print to the next. VersaWorks Dual features new variable printing features that allow users to rotate, mirror and align images and text inside the RIP.

A job log feature in VersaWorks Dual keeps a timed and dated record that can be exported to Microsoft Excel – including the size, ink usage, print time and more. Other production features include the ability to connect an unlimited number of clients through a shared network printer driver, enabling all users to send jobs to the printer.

As well as featuring a built-in PANTONE® library with detailed spot colour matching and choices, VersaWorks Dual supports comprehensive colour libraries and offers features that enable automated color-matching of logos and other corporate identity elements.

VersaWorks Dual allows you to connect an unlimited number of clients for unattended printing throughout the network. Client computers can send jobs to the server (computer with VersaWorks Dual installed) through a shared network printer driver.