Racks & Lifters Roll Lifting & Handling Crest Heavy Duty Roll Loader

Crest Heavy Duty Roll Loader


The Heavy Duty Roll Loader (HDRL) has been designed for easy transport and loading or unloading of  heavy rolls manually with a winder or electrically powered.

Special attention has been given to health and safety aspects and the protection of your staff. Now one person can move and load heavy rolls quickly and easily and without the risk of injury.

The Heavy Duty Roll Loader can take rolls from storage and transport them to equipment loading stations.The hand winch operates easily and with little physical force.The hand winch is equipped with an automatic brake mechanism for safety and security. 

- Low Frame Design
- Industrial Strength frame
- Swivel casters front and rear
- Mandrell Extensions
- Hand winch with Brake

Electrically powered version

Roll Diameter: max.450mm
Roll Weight: max.500Kg
Lifting Range: 75mm-1250mm

      Manual Version with winder             Rechargeable version

Crest HDRL from Atech ltd on Vimeo.