Finishing Powered Eyelet Machines
Atech 29 FEi Fully Automatic Eyeleter
Fast pneumatic eyeleting machine punches the hole & inserts the eyelet in a single operation. Load both halves of the eyelet in the hoppers and off you go. NO electricity needed, pneumatic operation.
Airpress Premium Chrome
The automatic eyepress has a mobile desk for unlimited movability. The big storage container allows quick and easy processing of banners without loss of time.Included are tools for plastic and chrome grommets which can be changed easily.
Evolution Fully Automatic eyeleter
The Evolution machine is a fully-automatic light duty pneumatic and electric press suitable for setting 12mm plastic eyelets. Fast and reliable it greatly speeds up the setting operation by feeding both the eyelet and the washer.
Atech PMS 060+ Semi Auto Eyeleter
A pneumatic semi automatic self piercing eyelet machine fpr huge range of eyelets into PVC and semi rigid materials such as banners, awnings, tents etc
Atech PMS 070 Semi Automatic Eyeleter
Pneumatic self piercing eyelet machine for PVC and semi rigid materials.
Plastic Recyclable Eyelets
Please visit our new website for all media, tool and eyelets.
Superb quality workbenches with a 5yr guarantee guarantees a long and productive working life.
Manual Eyelet
A range of manual eyeleting machine from hand operated to power and lever assisted.