Fabric Graphics & Blinds Flexa Sonicut 400

Flexa Sonicut 400


Safe, easy-to-use, fast, reliable and precise: the cutting system Sonicut 400 enables you to cut and seal simultaneously in a straight line with a straight edge and to move freely for hand cutting curves and shapes on fabrics.

Excellent performances, low maintenance and no fraying. It's odor-free, it doesn't require special maintenance and it doesn't damage the material. Sonicut 400 is a cold cutting system, cuts and seals the edges at the same time for non-fraying edge results.

- System for straight cutting and free hand cutting curves and shapes
- Cuts and seals fabric edges leaving them clean and smooth
- No more fraying
- Low Energy consumption, the cutting head remains cold so very safe to operate
- No fabric burning or marks, no toxic smoke
- No warm up time. All our tools require no special cleaning
- Cutting operations must be performed on a solid surface (steel or lead glass)
- Just push the start button and slide the unit through your fabric easily

Our Ultrasonic system is designed for easy operator use. Simply plug in the power cable and the unit is ready to work. No need to tune the unit, set it or select power levels. Everything is adjusted automatically.
No warm up time, no cool down is needed: the unit is always ready for use.  All our tools require no special cleaning.
High quality components, worldwide suppliers and carefully assembled systems make our Sonicut 400 very reliable and long lasting. Polluting substances such as lead have been avoid whenever possible.

The Sonicut 400 System can be mande up of:
     - Ultrasonic Generator
One working tool at choice:
     - Manual Sliding System
     - Cutting Gun
     - Free-Hand System
3 interchangeable cutting tools at choice:
     - Rounded Blade
     - Straight Blade Ø 10 mm
     - Dot welding point


Flexa Sonicut 400 - ultrasonic cutting system from Atech on Vimeo.