Laminating & Coating Crest Laminators
Crest ES 1400 / 1600
The ES 1400/1600 Mounter, Laminator and Encapsulator is a multi-functional machine for high-quality laminations, panel mounting of images and encapsulation of plots. It is suitable for pressure- or heat-sensitive lamination and encapsulation processes.
Crest ES 1400/ 1600 with Inline Slitting
The ES 1400/1600 Laminator can be equipped with an integrated driven slitting system. After lamination the foil web can be slit into strokes.
Crest TS 1400/1600 For Reflective Signage
The Crest TS 1400/1600 laminator is a machine for high-quality lamination using heat and high pressure. The laminator can be partnered with any UV-curable inkjet printer.
The machine is special developed to apply a protective laminate on top of UV printed substrates.The Crest TS 1400/1600 operates without compressed air and accepts board, sheet and roll material.
Crest Traffic Sign Laminator
The Traffic-Sign laminator is an industrial laminator for high production speed and volumes.This machine is specially developed to laminate retro reflective-, and all other kinds of foil, for traffic signs, or boards in general.
The top roller has a soft rubber compound to follow the sometimes slightly curved surfaces, or rounded edges.